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Princess Pauline

In Memory Of

Princess Pauline Jackson

June 23 2011- March 17, 2019

We call her Princess Pauline. She was and still is our Unicorn Princess. Her story was a true fairytale. She came and gave a love so pure, it will last in our hearts forever. This page is dedicated to her life, and her legacy. 

Pauline In The News

The Story Of Princess Pauline And Her Favorite Cream

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Caniliv will donate one

unit of Pauline's Cream to a family in need for every unit Purchased.

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We call her Princess pauline. She was, and still is our Unicorn. A real life fairytale Princess. On September 29, 2017, Princess Pauline was diagnosed with DIPG, a debilitating condition, with a less than 1% survival rate. After fighting for nearly 18 months, Pauline proclaimed that she wanted to be seven years old forever!

She came with intent, and experienced her happily ever after on her terms.

Throughout her journey, Princess Pauline took comfort in being close to her mother, Tasha, learning new dance moves, sneaking any yummy thing she could get her hands on, and her cream, a Hemp CBD, herb rich remedy called "Problem Salver", formulated by her Auntie Aja, CEO, of Caniliv Systems. Pauline requested the salve, so frequently, it quickly became known as, "Pauline's Cream". 

"I would rub it from the bottom of her feet, to the top of her head. The salve would ease her pain, and relax her so!"
-Tasha Jackson. 

DIPG is a grim diagnosis, at best, and if we can do little more than ease pain, in Pauline's name, we'll do just that. 
-Aja Fonseca- Arnold


The salve brought Pauline such relief that it was one of the last things she requested while she could still  speak. Upon Pauline’s passing, Pauline’s mother Tasha Jackson, and her aunt, Aja Fonseca-Arnold, decided it would be a great measure to offer Pauline’s cream at a discounted rated to all parents of DIPG warriors near and far. The very least we can do is extend this relief to children fighting the good fight. Please contact for more information on how we can get Pauline’s Cream to you today!

More On DIPG

Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, commonly referred to as pontine glioma, infiltrative brainstem glioma, or DIPG, is a rare tumor of the brainstem that occurs almost exclusively in children. A pontine glioma occurs in a most delicate area of the brainstem (the "pons"), which controls many critical functions, including breathing and blood pressure. Its location, as well as the way it infiltrates normal brain tissue, makes it especially difficult to treat. There are about 300-350 new cases of DIPG diagnosed each year in the United States, usually in children under the age of 10. DIPG affect boys and girls equally.


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